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Never Back Down From A Fight May 10, 2007 140 Min.
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Ramlee (Afdlin Shauki) is a down and out Malay boy who can’t seem to hold down a job, much to his Mother’s (Kartina Aziz) disappointment. Out of a job and out of money, he stumbles across a challenge by sushi by sushi restauran owner Honda (Patrik Teoh) to “eat all you can for free food – within a time limit”. Hungry adn desperate, Ramlee attempts the challenge, and fails. In compensation, Honda lets Ramlee take a job at the restauren to pay off his due. Ramlee becomes a member of the Boleh Sushi shop staff, along with Haris (Awie) and Andy (Radhi Khalid). One day he learns that part of hiss obligation is to take part in the Malaysia Sushi Association Amateur Sumo Wrestling Championships held by the local Japanese owners of sushi restaurants.

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